GI Bill Checklist

Please note that the certification process at UMBC has changed. VA certification will NO LONGER BE ACCEPTED via email; not adhering to this change can potentially jeopardize your ability to effectively receive your benefits.  All students looking to utilize their benefits must submit their forms via online through DocuSign; do not send any of your personal information to Additional details on the certification process can be found below.

    1. Activate Your VA Benefits *
    2. Speak with your Educational Services Officer (ESO) or counselor within your Military Service prior to enrolling at the institution.
    3. Apply: Undergraduate | Graduate | Non-Degree Seeking 
    4. Confirm Your Residency
    5. Accept your offer of admission. (If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Admissions at 410-455-2292)
    6. University Health Services requires proof of health insurance.
      Note: If you would like to obtain health care through UMBC, you will have to contact University Health Services.
    7. Once registered for classes, the student is required to fill out this Semester Certification Form. You will receive an email notification link through myUMBC letting you know that your request went through and a ticket has been opened. Any documents may be attached by viewing this link.
    8. If you add/drop classes, please be sure to do this by the add/drop deadline. You do not need to resubmit a request form if you add/drop classes. These changes will be received and reported to the VA. If you withdraw from a class using VA benefits, you may be responsible for a balance with the VA and the school.
    9. You may attach a copy of your DD-214 (if not on active duty), or Certificate of Eligibility to your ticket after submitting your initial request by clicking the emailed link. Please add a note for the Certifying Official to let them know there are documents attached. These documents will not delay your certification process.
    10. Once the Semester Certification form has been submitted, a “LATE FEE HOLD” will be applied to your myUMBC account if you are using CH 33 benefits, to prevent you from obtaining late fees.  If you submit the form late, your account may be subject to late fees.
    11. Students are certified twice at UMBC each semester. Initial certification is submitted for Book and Housing allowance (BAH) as soon as requests are received. Students are resubmitted a second time for tuition and fees after the add/drop deadline.
    12. Students will receive automated notifications from the VA’s system to inform them that their certifications have been submitted to the VA, as well as any changes made.
    13. The VA will begin disbursing BAH directly to students at the start of the semester, generally during the first week of the month.
    14. Remember that you must submit a new Semester Certification Form for each semester after you are enrolled in classes.
    15. If you have additional questions regarding any aspect of the certification process, please submit an RT ticket here.

*If using Tuition Assistance (TA), Please contact Student Business Services: 410-455-2288